Ancient Symbols

A lot of my inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds me. Having lived on a Cycladic Island for a few years and visiting a few others time and again, I have experienced the incomparable splendour of these islands first hand, and the memories and photographs serve as invaluable inspiration. This pendant is a cast sterling silver ancient Cycladic figure, a replica of Early Cycladic marble figurines, made by a silver/goldsmith with a workshop in Athens (I eventually plan to work in casting as well).
I added it to a handwoven spiral link chain that I made from silver plated brass rings. The spiral is also a Greek symbol for the never-ending circle of life; I thought they made a fitting pair.
This is a very eye-catching but delicate weave and it's actually not static. You need to gently twist it before you put it on. Once you clasp it, it stays perfectly in place.

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