Malachite Persian

After another visit to the 'Candy Shop' yesterday, I left with a few more treasures! I picked up some Malachite, Garnet and Black Coral. I've used a piece of Malachite in the bracelet below, and have already designed a necklace with the Garnet and Black Coral. It's just a sketch right now, but I'll post it as soon as it is finished.
Malachite is possibly the oldest know green pigment, and was used centuries ago in paintings and Egyptian tomb art. It is prominent as a pigment in art up until the 16th century. Today it is used mainly in jewellery and sculpture.

This is a large polished slab of Malachite. I love the way that the different shades of green create this pattern on the stone. Interesting and eye-catching isn't it?

This piece is a hand woven full Persian bracelet with a cast toggle clasp; both are silver plated base metal. I've used the Malachite stone as the focal point in the centre of the chain. It sort of reminds you of a high oxygen flame, where you can see the blue at the base and the colour progressively changes to an orange at the tip, doesn't it? 

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