Primal Gold Instincts

Sometimes the pieces I use in my designs can be the inspiration. When I saw the two large metallic textured Greek ceramic beads (on either side of the centre) I knew they were meant for this design. I don't really have a signature material or concept that I stick to; I much prefer to experiment with many different materials and create a different feel for each piece. I'm a dabbler... and this is a good thing! As my collection grows, it becomes more diverse; there truly will be something for everyone.
This is a hand strung neck piece made with metallic Greek ceramic beads (I'm sure you've noticed I always specify that the ceramic beads are Greek, that's because they are reputed to be the best quality in the world). I have hand forged and hand polished the three bronze pieces in front to a satin finish on the front, and a high polish on the back. I then hand hammered them as a compliment to the textured beads. The piece finished with a simple gold plated toggle closure.

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