Meet Betty

Past many historical sites in the old town of Chania, there is an old semi-abandoned neo-classical building on a hill top overlooking the old harbour. It has quite a large area, that is now covered in gravel, which many shop owners in the old town use for parking. The old building is now occupied by many university students who use it as a dormitory. There are also some University offices on the hill top, and a few residents in their neo-classical homes. It's a beautiful area with absolutely gorgeous old buildings, and stunning views of the old harbour and  another area on the opposite side that has become quite popular with many trendy caf├ęs and restaurants.

I always take a minute to breathe in the view when I go to get the car in the afternoons. I love the area and so does Betty.

Betty lives here. She was a stray cat that the university students have taken in. They make sure that she is safe and fed. She is super friendly and (almost) unbelievably, she comes to her name. The other day we had some fish for lunch, and brought her the left overs in the afternoon. I got to the hill top, and called "Betty.... Betty..." Within seconds she was running from the other side of the lot towards us. I'm sure she enjoyed her 'present'! She comes to her name even when we're not carrying food, and I've discovered that she also loves to be photographed. Just look at her grandiose pose below.

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