Picture Perfect

When I lived in Europe, I used to carry my camera with me everywhere I went. I miss that. This past weekend, after Brandon's Big One (which was loads of fun), we continued south-west to Sarah's home town, Souris, MB. It was inspiring, and a great opportunity for snapping some photos in rural Manitoba. 

This red canoe caught my eye on the side of the road. Sarah thought I was crazy, I think, but she stopped the car. I'm so glad she did!

I took this one through the front wind-shield. No stopping for the pretty trees! ;)

I love this railway wagon, and I'm so jealous of the person who has this as their front garden decor! I may have trespassed to take this photo...

Our true destination was the agate pit, so we could collect beautiful rocks. I actually found some gorgeous pieces of petrified wood (amongst other treasures) that will soon become one of a kind rings!

On the way into the rock pit, we happened upon the town's junk yard, which made for some interesting shots. I love to look at not so artistic things in an artistic way. :)

Leaving the rock pit, on the way back to the car, well, it looks like we just missed a raccoon!

Which of these pics is your fave?


  1. I honestly love the rock pit, been there many times with family and always had a blast finding treasures!

    1. I know! It was awesome! I gotta say though, the junk yard was pretty cool too!

  2. love the railway wagon pic! Great pics!!!