April Showers Bring May Flowers

This saying holds true for people in more moderate climates. Here in Winter-land something such as "April Storms Bring May Slush" would be more appropriate. Sunshine all day and green leaves on the trees seems to be getting farther from reach everyday, rather than approaching more quickly, as it should be. I've taken things in to my own hands and have started some herbs indoors. These little sprouts are the beginnings of large leaf sweet basil, and organic marjoram. Can't wait to see them grow and use them in the kitchen!

The Winnipeg Etsy Team themed this month's design challenge with this too. We're all dreaming of better weather. There were a number of entries from the team, and voting is taking place right now.

I've entered my tear drop bangles. Each bracelet is shaped like a rain drop; when you stack them all together they form a beautiful flower! Head on over to the blog post and vote for your favourite entry!

While you're there, enter to win $50 to spend in any Winnipeg Etsy Shop, in the widget at the top. Entries will be accepted for another 10 days, and then the draw will take place. Who knows, you could be the lucky winner!